September 20, 2017


First, watch this video.

Think about it. The tree is made from CO2 + water + sun energy + little bit of nutrients . But, that is not all. Let’s think further about how amazing trees are.

What do trees “eat”

So trees need air, water, sun, nutrients.

Trees use CO2 during daylight to initiate photosynthesis. Basically, they use what living things on earth exhale and can’t use to grow themselves. And also they create oxygen for us to breathe.


Hmm, what are those nutrients from soil I wonder? Wikipedia says: Soil is a mixture of minerals, organic matter, gases, liquids, and countless organisms that together support life on Earth.

Besides all the basic elements that are found in soil, it is also made from: Soil organic matter is made up of organic compounds and includes plant, animal and microbial material, both living and dead.

This means trees consume what we can’t, they consume our dead bodies, and those of other organisms, to photosynthesise, which in turn keeps all life on Earth alive.


Condensed energy

If you’d take the wood tree is made from, let it dry, you’d get CO2 + sun energy + water. And what would happen, if you’d say, put this dried material into fire while having access to some oxygen? It would release the sun energy back in form of heat + CO2 as a smoke.

And if you bury the trees deep in earth, they form coal, which you can again burn to release the sun energy in form of heat.



This might be the best example of symbiosis I have ever seen. It makes me wonder, how is it possible, that this great machine we call life came to be? These complex processes that make one organism provide for other organisms and vice versa. This is amazing.

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