Birkana in Rust with HTTP

Birkana representation of “Lukáš Němec”

Recently I read this awesome article about representing hexadecimal numbers using runic system. So I created this little program that takes hexadecimal string on stdin and spits out SVG data on stdout.

Github link.

To make it easier, and also to learn about state of Rust’s HTTP frameworks, I wrote a small HTTP server for this, and it is open to the public.

Github link.

Lessons learned:

  • SVG in Rust.
  • How to create library and binary in single repo (its not as straight forward as you might think).
  • How to work with (that was the first version).
  • Migration to Actix-web and Terra templates.
  • Dockerized while keeping image relatively small (90MB), from M1 mac to linux/amd64 (oh this is not as easy as one might think either!).