Nanny is a monitoring tool that monitors the absence of activity.

Nanny runs an API server, which expects to be called every N seconds, and if no such call is made, Nanny notifies you.

Nanny can notify you via these channels (for now):

  • print text to stderr
  • email
  • sentry
  • sms (twilio)
  • slack (webhook)
  • generic webhook (HTTP POST callback)
  • xmpp (jabber)


Ever wrote invalid crontab record? Ever had it call bash script that failed silently without doing what you wanted, and you noticed months later? Thats why.


Run API server:

$ LOGXI=* ./nanny
14:21:07.969059 INF ~ Using config file
   path: nanny.toml
14:21:07.977322 INF ~ Nanny listening addr: localhost:8080

Call it via curl:

curl http://localhost:8080/api/v1/signal --data '{ "name": "my awesome program", "notifier": "stderr", "next_signal": "5s", "all_clear": false }'

With this call, you tell Nanny that if program named my awesome program does not call again within next_signal period (5s), it should notify you using stderr notifier.

Additionally, Nanny appends the IP or X-Forwarded-For HTTP header to the program name. You can disable this behaviour by sending a X-Dont-Modify-Name along with the request. If you activate all_clear you will get an additional notification when the program sends a signal to Nanny for the first time after an alert was sent.

After 5s pass, Nanny prints to stderr:

2018-06-26T14:24:29+02:00: Nanny: I haven't heard from "my awesome program@" in the last 5s! (Meta: map[])

Github link.