Rules of thumb for Go

In English, the phrase “rule of thumb” refers to an approximate method for doing something, based on practical experience rather than theory.

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This project’s aim is simple. To provide some rough baseline measurements for common decisions you have to do every day as a software engineer:

Do I use map or a slice here?

TL;DR: use map when len(haystack) > 100 && len(needles) > 100
I need to deduplicate this, do I use map[T]struct{} or just deduplicate the slice?

TL;DR: use map when len(haystack) > 100. Use slice when the elements are pre-sorted.

There is many more in the repository. There are so many discussions like these in every engineering team. It often comes up in code reviews - “you should use *struct here instead of copying”. OK, but why? At what point is it beneficial?

This is what I’m trying to provide some data for.