State of software in 2019

It is now year 2019.

Last year has seen some large strides in our technological prowess. All the big companies have AI personal asistants that nobody uses, smartphones in our pockets are more powerful than ever, you can shoot videos in 4k resolution with 120 frames per second, you can see all your friends having fun all over Instagram and Facebook and be jealous, you are evermore connected to the internet (well, a subset of internet, really), all the “news” is even more accessible so you know what to think, it is surely great time to be alive.

Or is it?

I have to start by saying I HATE SHITTY SOFTWARE. And what really makes me mad is combination of shitty software and a company that wants you to pay for their shitty software. But there are some problems here. Why does a good intention of the company become a shitty software? I believe every company starts with a intention to 1) make money, and 2) have a good product.

I don’t know 100% where the problem is, but I can try to speculate. I think this is caused by the unfortunate side effect of open market. All the companies are trying to produce MVP (minimum viable product) and get it to the market as soon as possible. And this will inevitably cause shitty software. Why? Time. There is not enough time to solve all the cases that user can interact with it (some call it “edge cases”).

And this is what I call SHITTY SOFTWARE, but only if there is no time to solve common cases, like proper error handling and not crashing, actually having sane UI that is usable and such.

And I understand why is it like that, simply if you are not first to the market with your product, you might as well not bother (or it will be extremely difficult). And I don’t think there is a solution to this. Or is there? Were there any cases where company simply had so much better product, that it later was more successful than the company that was first? I don’t know, feel free to tweet me.