23 Mar 2024

Career advice

Career advice from Principal Engineer at Amazon.

22 Mar 2024

Leveraging type systems to your advantage

Video explaining how you can use Rust’s type system to describe your business logic. Many of the ideas can be transferred to other languages.

25 Apr 2020

Careful with io.TeeReader and json.Decoder

Some time ago, I was investigating very strange bug in our codebase: http: ContentLength=513 with Body length 512 It was inside our Go reverse proxy, and what was very suspicious was the exact 1 byte discrepancy. My suspicion was on gzip middleware, which is often the cause when you forget to set request.ContentLength after compressing the payload. However it turns out it was not the case. Do you see anything problematic here?

2 Dec 2019

How I manage passwords without loosing sanity

A lot has been said about passwords being bane of our society. And it is true. However, with some not-so-hard setup of software, it can be made bearable. The setup starts with *KeePass2 password safe. This is a program that allows you to store arbitrary data, but also specifically usernames, passwords and URLs that can be matched to find your saved password. It can also generate safe random passwords, set expiration, and a lot more.

24 Nov 2019

Shoumik Palkar - Rust for Weld, a High Performance Parallel JIT Compiler

Speeding up data processing pipelines in different languages by using Weld - a JIT compiler in Rust.

24 Nov 2019

Aditya Siram - A (Not So Gentle) Introduction To Systems Programming In ATS

Have you ever wondered if there is a functional programming language without garbage collector? I have. ATS is very interesting (prototype?) language which compiles to C with great guarantees about resources safety, like Rust.

14 Nov 2019

Mike Acton - Data-Oriented Design and C++

A must watch for anyone who is interested performant software.

4 Nov 2019

State of software in 2019

It is now year 2019. Last year has seen some large strides in our technological prowess. All the big companies have AI personal asistants that nobody uses, smartphones in our pockets are more powerful than ever, you can shoot videos in 4k resolution with 120 frames per second, you can see all your friends having fun all over Instagram and Facebook and be jealous, you are evermore connected to the internet (well, a subset of internet, really), all the “news” is even more accessible so you know what to think, it is surely great time to be alive.

3 Nov 2019

Bret Victor - The Future of Programming

No need to add anything here, just watch it. Watch. IT.

30 Oct 2019

Simon Brown - Visualising software architecture with the C4 model

Very useful talk about correctly visualising architecture of software systems.