September 20, 2017

First, watch this video. Think about it. The tree is made from CO2 + water + sun energy + little bit of nutrients . But, that is not all. Let’s think further about how amazing trees are. What do trees “eat” So trees need air, water, sun, nutrients. Trees use CO2 during daylight to initiate photosynthesis. Basically, they use what living things on earth exhale and can’t use to grow themselves. ... Read more

Developer Notebook

August 18, 2017

First, a little bit of background. I’m a software developer. I use PC’s all day. I’ve been programming on Windows, Linux and MacOS devices. At first, I thought that I can’t live without “proper” keyboard and mouse combination and at least 2 external monitors. This was when I was using Dell notebook with my ArchLinux. When my colleague switched to Macbook Air 13”, and started cursing about how he hates it, I was pointing and laughing at him for using Apple product. ... Read more